What makes me wake up each morning, open my eyes (usually simultaneously), slide out of bed, throw on some running clothes, stroll out the door into the deep darkness, and then go for a hard run? Well, I want change…I want to transform my body, increase my flexibility, improve my mood, and of course learn to run harder, faster, and wiser.
Whether you are a runner, swimmer, teacher, writer, designer, police officer, or even the president (you get my point), you want some sort of change. You wake up each morning, flop out of bed, brush your teeth (hopefully), take a shower (again, hopefully), eat breakfast, go to work (or the mall or the gym or wherever) with a notion for change. There is something in your world or the world that you think could be different,should be different, but isn’t. Maybe I’m stepping outside of my scope of expertise here, I don’t know, but I hope you’ll understand my point with a bit of reflection. Just think about it…what needs to change?
Well, there are certainly many things in my life that I wish were different, but unfortunately I don’t have the power to say “Go-Go-Gadget” and see instant transformations. All I have is one voice, one heart, one mind, and ten fingers to incite my opinion about what could be different, should be different, but isn’t.
Dear World,
Please, NO MORE BULLYING, I just can’t bare another mean look, another rude comment, another teen suicide…it hurts too much!
With love,
Change happens via repetition, being present each and every day and by present I mean aware. Showing up is not enough! To stimulate change, we must become alert to what’s happening around us and act. I’ll never become a better runner if all I do is run the same path every day. I have to run up hills and down hills, run over gravel and through puddles, around tree roots and far beyond my comfort zone. I have to train my mind to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and by that I mean staying strong in compromising situations. The same thing goes for bullying! Until we, as human beings, train our minds to feel comfortable with speaking out against something that is happening, there will never be change. I will not go through life knowing that so many kids, teens, young adults, etc. are being harassed each and every day in so many different ways and…not say something! So here I am!
I guess my whole point with this is that there is so much in the world that should be different; I know this, I’m not unaware of other worldly issues and I know you aren’t either. It’s great to stand for so many different causes and to try to help in every avenue that you can, but sometimes the buildup of worldly problems can crumble you. After all, we have our own personal issues to deal with, too! Point in case, if you truly feel passionate and affected by something, please fight for it! Fight for it the whole round and give it all you got!
Why am I so passionate about spreading kindness and ending bullying? Well, growing up I was very shy and quite insecure about how I looked and where I fit in. I was very nice to everyone but that niceness was not always reciprocated. I’m not here to say my childhood wasn’t the best because it was; my parents were so loving and great that it just made everything easier, but unfortunately not everyone has that. It’s sad, but true! Often times I think back to the kids that were mean to me (and yes, I remember them all) and it just makes me mad. I know you were probably expecting something more philosophical, but honestly it just makes me mad. How kids (and adults for that matter) feel entitled to ignore, berate, laugh at, whisper about other kids/adults is mind boggling! I remember going home, crying, standing in front of my mom, and then asking her for the answer to this question…WHY? Why does she hate me? Why did she laugh at me? Why didn’t she take a stand when she saw her friend bullying me?
Why does anyone bully? I suspect it’s because they are insecure themselves and want to feel better, but who knows for sure. Who knows why anyone does anything for sure, well, unless you’re the person that does it. Please stand with me (or sit, slouch, whatever) against bullying and spread a little kindness today! Know that you can make a difference and that each act of kindness you commit is maybe (just maybe) persuading someone to be a little bit nicer.
    1. Kristin

      Thanks so much for the reply! So kind! A few years back (right out of college), I taught for a couple years and definitely had NO tolerance for it. There is a lot out there but good to know you’ll do the same!! Have a fabulous day! 🙂 🙂


  1. walkaboutkristy

    I most definitely have been there! Fifth grade was quite possibly the worst year of my life (and I’m 35, lol!). Two girls in particular made fun of me EVERY single day. It was horrible and my teacher let it happen. Her only solution was for me to “just try and ignore them.” Just thinking about that makes me mad. Bullying is so out of control. But it doesn’t just happen in schools. It happens in the workplace, in social situations, in church, even on TV. In fact half of reality TV is based on bullying. It’s really just sad, but I have hope knowing there are kind folks like you out there willing to take a stand and tell others that Bullying is NOT okay. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Kristin

      Aw, thanks! I despise bullying and am so sorry you went through that. It never really goes away completely, does it (remembering the pain)? I know what you mean, it still makes me mad AND you are 100% correct, it happens in many avenues of life! Bullying does play a huge role on TV and it’s so sad…I really appreciate your post and thanks so much for the compliments. You’re so sweet and have an incredible outlook on life.


    1. Kristin

      Thank you! Haha, that’s so funny! When I look at your blog, I think the exact same thing! I’m like this girl is soooo cool! Love your posts and you’re so adorable!


  2. leerunsdistances

    That has got to be one of the most touching and well written posts I’ve read!! Growing up I was not bullied but I was never allowed to fit in so this post struck a cord. One of the biggest changes I’d like to see is the fact that so many people’s lives are cut short way to soon because of cancer that goes undetected until it’s too late. This happened to my mother and it’s one of the driving forces behind my running. Majority of my races support cancer research and detection in some way, shape or form.


    1. Kristin

      Thank you so much and I do agree, that cancer can go undetected for way too long. I am sorry to hear about your mother! The same thing happened to my grandfather. I love that you run for your mother and to support this cause. That’s phenomenal and something that everyone should applaud.


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