Wednesday…hmm…what is there to say about a Wednesday? Let’s see, Monday is the (not so) fun day while Tuesday is news day…so that leaves Wednesday to be friends day, right? Because you are all my new found fabulous friends, I’m excited to share with you my small transformation. 


The picture on the left is me now and the picture on the right is meoooow…haha, it was a picture from Halloween!

For the past couple of years, I’ve kept quite a muscular physique because number one, my genetic predisposition is to carry larger amounts of muscle mass on my body and number two, I’ve lifted heavy weights for many, many years! I have to admit, I was lifting weights before the age of thirteen and to be quite blunt, could lift a freakish amount of weight above my head (for such a youngster).


A leaner me on the left!

I was a gymnast growing up so let’s just say, I won any and all pull-up contests at my school. I could pump out 30 plus pull-ups with a smile. Sick, right? Even growing up, one of my P.E. teachers told me to jump down (during one of our pull-up challenges) because he was tired of counting my reps and (more importantly I think) the students were tired of watching me, you know, not get tired. I was often embarrassed of my strength, but now I’ve learned to embrace it and to use it for good (not evil…like annoying my P.E. teacher…just kidding!). I’ve also learned that lifting heavy weights can destroy your body (not that I’ve experienced this personally), so now I focus on lifting (a little) lighter weight with more reps instead of concentrating on the number of weight in hand. Now I am a lean, mean running (and swimming) machine…JUST KIDDING…honestly though, I do feel better! I like my leaner look without the added bulk, especially while practicing yoga. 


The picture on the left was during Christmas and the picture on the right, I took yesterday!

I plan to stay this weight forever  (here’s to hoping, right?) and to accomplish this, I’ll continue eating smaller portions while pumping out bigger reps at the gym.


Left (10 pounds heavier)
Right (10 pounds lighter: I took this picture today)





    1. Kristin

      Thank you so much!! When I was younger, I was a little embarrassed with it, but now I love it!! Feeling strong makes me happy and I’m definitely more confident with it than I once was! 😉


    1. Kristin

      Awe, thanks!!! I’ve realized along with running and swimming, lifting weights is a great stress reliever for me, too and it makes me happy (which is a bonus). I’ve always been very insecure about myself and my body, so it feels good to be happy with how I look.
      Xoxo!!! 🙂 🙂


  1. sweatingforit

    You look great. Yesterday was my first day back lifting after a two week Mardi Gras induced break. Bring on the DOMS!


    1. Kristin

      Haha, at least it will be a good sore, right? Well, maybe!! Haha! Thanks so much for your comment!! You’re great! I hope you had a fabulous time at Mardi Gras!! Sounds awesome!!


  2. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I just have to say you look fabulous! Obviously you were great the way you were beforehand (nothing wrong with some muscle!) but I can see it in your face that your new weight makes you feel so confident and strong, in a different sense of the word. Congrats!!


    1. Kristin

      Thank you so much Lauren!!! I really appreciate that!! Such a sweet compliment!! I love it!! Thanks SO much for checking out my blog and for leaving this wonderful comment!! Xoxo!! 🙂


  3. RainyWriter

    I TOTALLY like the captions. Especially the

    .. the picture on the right is me now, and the picture on the left is meow GREAT!

    And yeahh for strength training. I actually really like working out at the gym … though of late, running and biking draws me outdoors 🙂

    At any rate wooo hooo on the toney you. (Wow, I didn’t get the red squiggly line under the word “toney”… I wonder what it really means? I have to look it up now. 🙂 )


    1. Kristin

      Haha, thank you so much!! You are wonderful and you always make me feel lively and happy!! 🙂
      I’m glad you liked the me now/meow! 😉 Hehe!
      I love the word toney, too!! So innovative!!
      Thanks so much for your beautiful and cheerful comment!


      1. Amy

        Yes I took a private pilates (with the machines) class today and it was fun and not too hard but now, several hours later, my muscles feel fatigued in a good way!

      2. Kristin

        That’s always a good feeling!! I love it and the private pilates class sounds neat! I hope those muscles feel better soon so you can do another class! 🙂 🙂

  4. daydreamsandshoestrings

    You look AH-MAZ-ING 🙂 Proud of your transformation!!! (<– Both physically, and mentally!) I'm glad to watch your journey 🙂


    1. Kristin

      XOXOXO!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! 🙂 Your words inspire me and I’m so glad you liked my post! Thanks for your loving support!! Have a great day!!


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