Hey everyone!! Today is Thursday, which means, what?

Well, it means that I’ll be running Shamrock Half-Marathon in a couple of days, which means…what again?

Okay, so put it this way… I’ll be fighting through some pain and anguish (while running 13.1 miles) in the very near future. And?

And although I’ve been experiencing some anxiety due to a sore right leg, I’ve decided to stay positive! I’ve made a pact with myself, too, which is?

To go out there and have some fun! After all, Shamrock is not the Olympics, so why be uptight about it, right?

Right! It’s just me hitting the pavement, loving life, and enjoying each step more than the last.

Have I convinced you yet? Have I convinced you to stop beating yourself up before, during, and/or after a race?

If not, look at this!

(Picture from http://www.avivadrescher.com/gallery)
(Photo by Heidi Green)

What more do you need to see? Isn’t this the cutest picture you’ve ever seen or what?

Hellooooo…. YES, IT IS!! 

This sweet, little boy is wearing (his brand new) prosthetic running legs for the very first time!

For more stories, check out:

1] http://onestepaheadfoundation.wordpress.com/

2] http://www.avivadrescher.com/philanthropy

So on Sunday, I’m not just running this race for me anymore, instead, I’m running (figuratively speaking) Shamrock Half-Marathon for every kid out there that wishes they could run, but can’t.

I have it easy! All I have to do is wake up, drink some coffee, and go for a run! I don’t have to deal with the lose of a limb (day in and day out). Running is a blessing!


Have a great day everyone!!



    1. Kristin

      Hey!! Thanks so much!!! 🙂
      I’ve done one half before (a few years back), but I didn’t train for it much and it wasn’t the best experience…it was pouring rain the entire race and there were tons of steep hills…haha! Steep hills + not much training = a looong race! 😉
      I’m definitely planning to enjoy the experience this time around much more!


      1. Kristin

        Awe, thank you!!! I’m still trying to plan my race day outfit. The weather keeps changing so it’s hard to decide! There is now a 40% chance of rain… not again, haha, I hope not! 🙂

  1. courtruns4cupcakes

    Thanks for posting this Kristin I really needed it. I’m not very well trained for my half on Sunday and there is a 70% chance of rain so I wasn’t looking forward to it very much. After reading this I am going to go out there, have fun, and run for everyone who can’t!


    1. Kristin

      AWESOME!! I love it!! We’ll do it together!! 🙂
      After reading some of the stories, it really put Sunday into perspective, that I should go out there and have fun with it and smile and love what I’m doing…not over think it and worry!
      I wish you luck with the rain! I hope it holds off for you! There is a 40% chance we’ll get rain. The percentage keeps going up, but hopefully it won’t.


  2. nainasingh2014md

    I love your outlook.. it’s NOT the olympics. I’ve never thought about it that way. That takes a lot of stress out of running. It’s true.. what’re the consequences if we fail a long distance run? Very little! Just try again next time. Great perspective. I tend to beat myself up about how far I can/cannot run (in comparison to the me of the past who could run so much further and faster!).


    1. Kristin

      Thanks so much and I appreciate your nice comment! I often remind myself of this, that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t PR or if I don’t go as fast as I wanted to in a race! You’re right, it does take a lot of stress off of running and pressure off of yourself!


  3. Hayley

    Just when I was feeling like I couldn’t be bothered to go for a run this morning, I read this post and I am about to get my running shoes on. 🙂 Thank you! And gooooood luck for the marathon. Excited to hear how you go.


    1. Kristin

      Awwww, awesome!!! I’m so glad to hear this!! Fantastic!! I hope you had a fabulous run!!! Xoxo!!!
      Thanks so much for your support and kind words!! You rock!!


    1. Kristin

      Hey!! Thanks so much for your encouragement!!! Xoxo!!

      I’ve been training about 12 weeks or so for this half-marathon. It was really about building my base and increasing my miles week by week. I had the speed from my 5k training/speed work prior to this training, so, it has been (mostly) about getting my body used to running for a longer length of time.


      1. naturallymel

        Not a problem! 🙂

        And that’s awesome! Maybe I should start getting my body accustomed to running in general. My cousin (an avid runner) is forcing me to join him this summer! I’m not a runner…at all, so this will be an interesting 12 weeks.

  4. 2 Cups 'N Run

    You are so right! Go have a great time, and I’ll keep your incredible attitude in mind when I’m running up some hills on my half next week.
    That picture reminds me of some amazing people I’ve seen on races, pushing wheelchairs, or missing a limb, it makes me realize how lucky we all are to be able to race, in whichever form.


    1. Kristin

      You’re right!! There are so many amazing people at races that are dealing with so much! After reading some of the stories from One Step Ahead Foundation, it really put my run and my worries into perspective.
      Thanks so much for the comment!!


  5. racesweightsandproteinshakes

    I love this post! This is so true, we should be thankful for even being able to run. Good luck on Sunday, can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!


  6. Shawna

    I agree entirely about running being such a blessing and I remind myself of that during every race I run. Way to keep a great perspective! Your race sounds like a blast and I know you’ll kill it.


  7. piratebobcat

    Love this post!!! Great idea to run for others, that always helps me.
    Some advice, start the race conservative – resist the urge to go out sprinting. Gradually increase your pace as the race goes. When the race gets hard (and it will) just keep going one step at a time. Finally, FINISH STRONG!!!


    1. Kristin

      Thanks so much!!! Great tips and I will definitely approach the race this way. I’m not exactly looking forward to the pain part of it (haha), but it’s part of the sport so I’ll keep pushing through. I want to get into a comfortable rhythm and stick with that feeling/pace for the first half and then try to start increasing my speed little by little. I really appreciate your comment and your great race strategy!! 🙂


    1. Kristin

      Awe, thanks!!! That’s a great tip- to listen to my body!! I will definitely try to listen and respond to what my body is telling me! 😉 I appreciate it! Have a great day!


  8. girlofthehour

    Great post 🙂 I was actually thinking about this the other morning! I was contemplating the run I had scheduled for that night and kind whining internally about it. Then I thought well at least you have the luxury of just….running when you want some people don’t. Have a great run 🙂 I look forward to reading about it!


    1. Kristin

      Yes, so true and thank you so much!!! I’ve been reminding myself of this a lot today because I’m very, very nervous!! 😉 I’m going to keep this in mind while I run tomorrow and have some fun!! Have a great weekend!!


  9. RainyWriter

    Yahhh on having fun when running … and I hope you have a blast for your upcoming half.

    And that photo … he has blades! (I just read a story on them recently … pretty cool bit of technology that helps people to keep running.) But the bestest part? Man … that look on his face is GREAT!


    1. Kristin

      You’re right!! The look on his face is priceless!! Just so beautiful!! The blades are phenomenal and amazing and I’m so happy kids and adults that have lost limbs can run and be active!! Beautiful!!


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