I’ll have a full report tomorrow, but I’m happy to announce that I ran my half-marathon in 1:37:50! I’m exhausted, sore, and totally ready for a nap, but I’m also equally overwhelmed with joy, contentment, and a few hundred tears. I know, I know, I’m such a sap!! My Shamrock training is over!! WHAT??!! I can’t believe it! What’s next for me? Getting my 5k under 20:00!!


Well, until tomorrow…

Have a great day everyone and thank you SO much for your loving support! YOU GUYS ROCK!!



    1. Kristin

      You are too fabulous!!! Thank you so much!! Your prayer definitely helped!! My leg wasn’t feeling very good at the start so thanks for helping to pull me through!! Xoxo!!!


    1. Kristin

      Thank you so much!!! The winds were terrible especially on Fort Story!!! WOW- it wasn’t fun! Awe, thanks for not thinking I’m a sap! Haha- I get so emotional with stuff like this mixed with being exhausted brings some tears! 😉
      But enough about me, how did you do on the 8k and half?! You got through the half, so that’s phenomenal after doing the 8k, too!! I can’t imagine!! You’re so tough!! You should really be proud of yourself!!


      1. Kristin

        Yes, the wind definitely wasted a bit of my energy, but I’m thankful it wasn’t there the last few miles.

        YOU DID AWESOME!!! GO YOU!!!

    1. Kristin

      Haha, you should do it!! I’m sure I’ll do it again next year!! It’s a great race with lots of fan support and some cool bands playing while you run!!
      Thank you so much for the support and for the sweet comment!


  1. leerunsdistances

    Congrats. That’s an awesome time!!! I’m on the quest for that 20:00 5K or better as well. Best wishes in achieving it!!


    1. Kristin

      THANKS!!! I will definitely need some time to recover! I can barely walk today! Haha, oh boy! Have a great day and I love all of the support you give me! It means a lot! 😉


    1. Kristin

      Why, thank you!!! I don’t think my body would hold up for a marathon. For now, 13.1 is my limit! 😉 I admire people who run marathons though!! Very tough!!


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