Kristin’s body announces, “Oh my gosh, like we TOTALLY met Bryan Kest at his Power Yoga Masters Class in Washington DC!!”

Kristin’s mind responds, “Huh…”

Kristin’s body replies, “Remember how much fun we had while practicing power yoga on Thursday? I’m like SO totally sore!!”

Kristin’s mind mumbles, “Noooo…”

Kristin’s body asserts, “Like NO WAY MIND, we like totally rocked his class out!!!”

Kristin’s mind echos, “Whaaaaat…”

Kristin’s body utters, “Yeah, like it was only THE BEST experience of our life!! Ugh, what is wrong with you mind?! You’ve like so totally forgotten haven’t you?!

Kristin’s mind says, “Ummm…”

Kristin’s body screams, “Like HELLO MIND, we have to write a post about this tomorrow!! Come on, GET WITH IT!!!”

Kristin’s mind proclaims, “Write about whaaat…”

Kristin’s body snaps, “ABOUT BRYAN KEST!! Like DUH!!!”

Kristin’s mind remarks, “Bryan Kest whooo?”

Kristin’s body croaks, “BRYAN KEST!!!! Like only THE MOST coolest yogi in the entire world!!”

Kristin’s mind moans, “Yeaaaah…”

Kristin’s body squeaks, “WHATEVER MIND!!!”

Kristin’s mind divulges, “Oh wait, I REMEMBER!!! Bryan Kest came up to us and saaaaid…”

Kristin’s body interrupts, “SHHHHH, FOR GOODNESS SAKE MIND!! We can’t tell them yet!!”

Kristin’s mind insists, “Well, why not…”

Kristin’s body reasons, “Because we just can’t!!! Those are the rules silly!! We have to think about it more, you know, gather our thoughts!!!”

Kristin’s mind smirks, “OK!”



Happy Saturday to ya!!! I can’t wait to share my Bryan Kest story with you tomorrow!! It’s a good one!!

I’m still in a little bit of shock over the whole experience (if you can’t already tell through my mind/body dialogue)!

Well, until tomorrow…





    1. Kristin

      XOXO!!! πŸ™‚ Yoga is awesome, right? I’m glad you liked it and really hope you can find a class that correlates with your schedule!! πŸ™‚


  1. thisluxlife

    Hi hun hope you had a great weekend! I must tell my unc to read this he loves yoga! I am back in the gym! More on the blog about it soon but I went Sund, Mond, Tues, Fri, Sat and Sun I love it I am totally back on the gym wagon makes me feel soooo much better!


    1. Kristin

      Awe, awesome!! I’m so glad to hear!! As if you could look any more fabulous though because hello, you’re gorgeous!!! Seriously, you are!! πŸ™‚
      I’m so happy you’re feeling great and your body is feeling great!! I can’t wait to read about it!! I love your posts!!


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