Happy Saturday!! Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run is exactly 3 weeks away!! WOW, 3 WEEKS!! I can’t believe it!! Check out my very first Allen Stone race picture!! It’s from 2008!! I placed 2nd in my age group! You gotta love my chic towel look, right??!! Tehehe!! In current Kristin news, I did another brick workout today and it went better than expected!! A full recap coming tomorrow!! XOXO!!

  1. RunBikeThrow

    You look MAHHH-VELOUS!

    You know, in triathlons around here, they write your AGE on the leg. Until I looked a little closer, I thought you were very brave showing that photo. 🙂 But not to worry, I’m sure you’ll still look mah-velous when you get there. Have a great RSR!



    1. Kristin

      Haha!!!! That’s soooo funny!!! Hehe!! I appreciate your encouragement and hope I report back with a great time and place!! I’ve put the training in so here is to hoping!! XOXO!! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!! Thanks for your comment!! It was a great laugh!! 🙂 🙂


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