Welcome to my new life chapter titled, unadulterated happiness! Well first, Hey Everyone!!! It’s nice to be back blogging, especially with a new perspective. Hint: My blog will be changing. It’s probably no secret that I’m obsessed with analyzing my life, setting lots of physical goals (running, swimming, etc.), and feeling the need to keep surpassing my own self, BUT these last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing lots of soul searching, and have found that I’m no longer happy with where my blog is going and where my spiritual (for lack of a better word) life is going. I want to talk about issues that will inspire others to no, NOT keep pushing themselves into oblivion (like I’ve been doing with running and swimming), instead, I want to inspire others to be happy with where they are. 

You see, I’m SO tired of being soooo scared to race for fear that I won’t reach my own personally set goal, which will THEN lead to me being upset, which will THEN lead to me having a bad day, which isn’t fun at all. I’m tired of having that same transaction with myself time and time again and to be honest, all I end up with IS a lonely feeling of wanting more (even when I reach my goals), which just isn’t me. Aaaand guess what, there’s WAY more to Kristin than swimming and running, I promise.


My very first day of yoga teacher training, we had to partner up and share our answers to the following three questions:

#1- What is something that everyone knows about you?

#2- What is something that very few people know about you?

#3- What is something that you want the entire class to know about you?

Well, I partnered up with this lovely lady and of course, we discussed the above questions. She’s a great gal and we’ve been partners ever since!! Smooch on her!

My answers:

#1- Everyone knows that I’m a competitive swimmer and runner.

#2- Very few people know that I’m terrified of snakes.

#3- I want the class to know that yoga has changed my life! 

Anyways, after getting home and pondering on the questions (yep, I’m THAT analytical), I realized that I wasn’t happy with my answer to the first question. When I die, I want to leave a mark that can’t be erased, you know, something that far exceeds my physical self. Of course I’m still “taking my mark”, swimming, running, and the like, BUT I will no longer be talking about that side of my life very much. It’s something that I do and that I enjoy very much, and that of course I’m very passionate about, but it’s something that I know longer want to talk about here.


My blog will be more about kindness, which was my original theme anyways and I’m really happy about this decision. Let me end by saying that YOU guys inspire me to the nth degree! After all, there are so many metaphors for life and y’all cover the spectrum!!

MY ADVICE? NEVER stop being YOU and talking about what makes you blossom. It just so happens that I love running and swimming, but I’d rather write about other stuff, like kindness galore.



  1. hugsxheart

    You have a heart of gold and that’s what I like about you. People like you are really rare these days and I’m happy for you that you did some soul searching. Just remember that I support you ❤ have a great day!


  2. FLRunnerBoy

    I think the change will be right up your alley and I’ll still look forward to the W.O.W. you present. Please just don’t got to a self-hosted blog it so hard to keep up with those who use those and I don’t want to miss one single word that you post 🙂


  3. Charlotte

    Kristin, there is no way people will only remember you as a competitive swimmer and runner. You are so much more (not to mention beautiful). I can tell that by following your blog. But I do love your new blog personality. You are a inspiring and uplifting person and it always shows. I’m speaking like your mama and you are very hard on yourself! 🙂 You are so encouraging to others. I look forward to the new Kristin blog entries! 🙂


  4. Running Betty

    I think your blog now is fabulous but look forward to seeing the new direction. I like the idea of your writing evolving with you as your priorities shift. I have a feeling your journey to becoming a yoga teacher is going to generate a lot of positive changes. Not that you’re not wonderful now, you’re very positive, kind, and whimsical…that’s going to come through regardless of what you write about. Just keep being you because you’re great! 🙂


  5. JMC813

    Awesome shift in focus Kristin. While I will miss reading and chatting about your fitness goals, I am eager to join the new journey of self discovery and contentment you are referring to. Can’t wait to get started. Be well my friend.


  6. Martha B

    Seriously though, everyone KNOWS you for being kind, supportive and encouraging. You may not see it in yourself, but it’s the truth! You don’t have to change one thing, although it does make me sad when you feel so bad about yourself over running and racing related stuff. I’m so glad your teacher training is inspiring you, but don’t ever think that you are not enough, because you do treat everyone with amazing kindness!


  7. SandyLand

    Congratulations Kristin on your new outlook and blog. What makes you happy will make me happy and we’ll be happy together.
    You already inspire so many and blessing the world with even more kindness is, well, a blessing. 🙂


  8. Open Up Life

    Love the new look! It seems like you have made a shift in your life and you are happy, not that you weren’t before, but I can already see a change in you. Yoga opens so many doors, not only within yourself, but to the whole universe. Yoga is not just practiced on the mat, it is yoga lifestyle that resonates from within to share with everyone. A journey that will never end and to carry in your heart. Sending you peace, love, blessings. XOXO! Namaste and have a beautiful weekend!


  9. Shawna

    Kudos to you for making a drastic change that you feel best represents the legacy you want to leave on the world. I’m happy for you and love the kindness theme. Excited to see what lies ahead for your blogging along these lines.


  10. Heather @ HeatherRunsFast.com

    You are beautiful inside and out, Kristin! Sometimes it’s hard for competitive athletes to not define themselves by their sport and I commend you for saying it like it is and writing about what YOU want. I’m overly analytical too, and while sometimes it’s my biggest fault, other times I get a stroke of genius, kind of like you did with this post. Can’t wait to read the new/improved/real SWAH! XOXOXOXO


  11. Maria

    Great blog post! I love that you want this to be about kindness. I wish more people would just be kind to each other, in every way! The simplest acts of kindness are contagious, and if we are just gave a little the world be an even more amazing place. Great words of advice too! Be yourself, it’s ever evolving, but don’t let anyone drown out the light that shines out! Let out what you feel, we all have so much to share with the world. That’s why we are here. 🙂

    Thank you for the lovely post, I truly enjoyed it! I hope you have a fabulous day!

    XOXO, Maria


  12. Lauren Keating

    Loved everything about this post. So excited to read the new direction your blog will take. I love the new background and header image. So cute!! And I can’t wait to read your advice and thoughts about deep topics. I too have lately been thinking about leaving my own mark, so it was refreshing to read this post! Looking forward to reading more!


    1. Kristin

      Smooch!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’re the best!! You’re just the coolest and sweetest and most beautiful!! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!!! xoxo


  13. Kristy

    I can so relate! SO relate! I took the entire fall off from racing. I don’t want to talk about pace or mileage anymore. When I started my new job last May, I realized I don’t want people to see me as the girl who runs all the time. Yes I run. Yes I love it. But I’m a lot more than that. Keep being you. I love it!


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