It’s 2015 y’all!! LET’S PARRRRTA, but HEY, I’m not gonna tell ya how to live your life, but Jam Master Jay isssss!!! C’mon Jay, break it down for ’em!!!

[Jam Master Jay]
Everybody out there
Lemme hear you say YEAAAAAAH ("YEAAAAAH")
Say, PARTY! ("PARTY!!")
C'mon PARTY! ("PARTY!!")
Lemme hear you say PARTY! ("PARTY!!")
Now SCREEEEAM (*crowd goes nuts*)
Now everybody...clap your hands...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So tell me, YOU ready to rock out 2015? If anyone can rock out a brand new year, it’s YOU because um, ya rock!! New goals. New challenges. New YOU. YOU got this! Trust me, YOU do. Noticing a theme here? This year, keep the U in YOU and um, be sure to break it down Run- D.M.C. style!!

"Run-Run-Run-Run" "IT!"

"Run-Run-Run-Run" "IT!"

"Run-Run-Run-Run-Run" "IT!"

"Run-Run-Run-Run" "IT!"


Ha, noticing a theme here? What can I say, I’m transparent. Well, for YOU runners out there, hit the road Jack and for you non-runners out there, run yo life like ya wanna. I guess that goes for YOU runners, too!!! Be brave. Be bold. Be just a weee bit crazy. After all, you only live once!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m feeling pumped up about the New Year, so pumped up, in fact, that I’m feeling like Hans and Fraz from Saturday Night Live. Hello motivation galore. This morning, I got up strong, hit an hour straight workout (of a circuit made up of these exercises) and then ran a 7.7 mile hill workout on the Battlefields. I might even cycle later, too (on the trainer of course because it’s c-o-l-d outside).

“And we just want to pump.. [ clap ] up!”

“Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet.”
– Doris Brown Heritage {The first woman to run a sub 5-minute indoor mile}

I guess, this year, I’m choosing to break boundaries. I’m choosing to be fearless. I’m choosing to laugh in the face of danger. Hahahahaaaa!!! Too much? Seriously though, choose happiness, you won’t regret it. Whatever makes YOU happy, DO IT!! Run. Do yoga. Play guitar. Sing. Dance. Bowl. Read. Write. Paint. Sculpt. Watch a movie. Not tryin’ to sound like Nike, but Just Do It.

Marilyn Monroe Quotes About Love and Life

Have a glorious day and remember…

Roll to the rock, rock to the roll

Rock 2015!! Just roll with it!! XOXO


  1. Stacy M. Porter

    Yes! I’ve been up for hours. Did yoga and ran 3 miles. I was almost sidetracked in my healthy goals by chips and french onion dip, but whoever bought it got a different time and omg I can’t even tell you how bad it was. I threw away the chip. THAT’s how bad it was! You can do anything you want. Anything you choose. I already know this is going to be a great year! Have an awesome day, you Lovely Lady! XOXO


  2. Charlotte

    You kicked your new year off like a beast! You are awesome and with your attitude, your year will be great. I have no doubt. Happy New Year, Kristin. I love your suggestions dancing, writing, sculpting etc… I also love that running quote by Doris Brown Heritage.


  3. Shawna

    woooow girl. i always am amazed by the intensity of your workouts! you are truly a machine. nice job killing the beginning of a new year with the running and gym crushing! happy 2015!


  4. Julie the Workaholic

    I love this! It is seriously chock full of awesome, Kristen! ♥

    I’m ready to run it…in my head. In my ankle? Not so much, but it is ready to walk it until it can jog, until it can run. Baby steps, right? (Shoot, I am just grateful for ANY steps after crutches, LOL…)

    Anyway, your posts always light a fire under my tail, so thanks! 🙂 Happy 2015!


  5. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch

    Everyone is approaching this year in such a strong, sassy, and powerful manner I freaking LOVE it! I love your attitude towards life and especially new beginnings — it’s such an awesome opportunity to become whoever you want to be! New year, new you! Everyone has the power to wake up and change the direction of their life every single day and you’re one of those few special people who gets that!


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