Hey y’all, umm…funny story here- SO, my husband looooves drinking Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee. Where’s the funny part, huh? Well, it’s comin!

First and foremost, WHY is the blonde so cool?

Starbucks says:

Lightly roasted coffee that’s soft, mellow, and flavorful. 

AND, newsflash, it’s even tasty with a lil’ cream and sugar! Shocker, right? Thanks Starbucks for the fab tip…NOT! Hehe! Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit Judgy Pants, but (in my defense) I haven’t had near enough coffee yet! WHAT’S ENOUGH?? Don’t know…my brain is always in this zombie apocalyptic mode of more more more, but instead of thinking flesh flesh flesh, it thinks coffee coffee coffee. (Side note: Typing coffee 3x in a row…not gonna lie, lots of “e” and “f” action). 

Anyways, because we go to Starbucks SO much and (oh, probably should mention) because we go to the same Starbucks SO much and (oh, probably should also mention) because we order the same drinks SO much and (oh, probably should also also mention) because we have the same baristas SO much, we have this running joke. 

My husband always orders a hot blonde (with 2 sugars and some cream, but that’s beside the point)! Well, now, instead of ordering a hot blonde, he orders… ME!!! Taaa-daaa!!!


One day at Starbucks, my husband thought he’d be (just so) clever and cunning, and order a Kristin (a.k.a. a hot blonde). He walked right up to the counter and said:

“Can I please have a Kristin???” 

The barista immediately smiled and said:

“One hot blonde comin’ up!”

Get it? Because I’m blonde and (well, my husband thinks…) hot. I’m still on the rocks ’bout that one, but I’ll take it. Servin’ up fresh brewed self-esteem, I guess. Seriously though, it was adorable; although a tad bit embarrassing; nonetheless, hilarious ! Make sense? Funny, too, that when his coffee came out, the barista shouted:

“Be careful, this one’s extra hot!”

Long story short…yesterday, I went to Target and found this buried treasure:

Blonde Roasts have more fun. Coffee pun.Coffee Junkie Funny Mug - Humorous Mugs - Great gift for family friends and coworkers. PRIORITY MAIL




  1. charissarunning

    LOVE this story!! You’re so cute 😀 And your husband sounds like a good one! Also, I completely and utterly agree with his taste in coffee 😉 Starbucks blonde roast is wonderful! (But a Kristin – the real human one – is even more fantastic I’m sure!!)


    1. Kristin

      Tehehehe!! Ohhh you…you just made me smile (like a lot)!! Thanks so much!! Your words are pure beauty (just like you)! Blonde roast is rockin’, right? Have a fantastic weekend!! XOXO


    1. Kristin

      Charlotte, you’re the best and you are SO right!! He always makes me feel the best!! Thanks for noticing!! You’re an amazing woman! Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO


  2. V

    That’s so adorable! I had the blonde roast when they were giving it away for free (btw-cups for the free sample were *very* small) Personally, I’ve been cutting back a lot on my coffee so can’t say I’ve ordered you recently!


    1. Kristin

      Hey girl!! Thanks for your comment!! 🙂 Ohh haha, doesn’t surprise me that the cups were small! 😦 No fun! No fun! That’s good you’re cutting back. I tried to…but well, I think you know how this story ends. You’re the best! Have an amazing weekend!! XOXO


  3. Feline Creatures

    Lol, I’ve never had the blonde roast but I’m sure your name will pop up when I hear an order at Starbucks! This post really cracked me up, you’re such a fun loving gal Kristin! 🙂 xo~ Lena


    1. Kristin

      LENA, yay, I LOVE LENA!!! Hehehehe!! You’re seriously so cool and awesome and um, GORGEOUS!! Just love ya! Thanks for your sweetness! Have a fab weekend!! XOXO


    1. Kristin

      Hehehe Heather, THANK YOU for being so amazing and loving!! I always LOVE your comments. Way to make me feel wonderful! Ha, you’re right, too- my husband is so clever! He makes me laugh like a billion times a day! Very awesome and clever barista, too!! You’re right!! 🙂
      Let’s see:
      A- You’re beautiful!
      B- You’re such a talented athlete!
      C- You have the most gorgeous smile I’ve ever seen!!
      Have a fab weekend! XOXO


    1. Kristin

      Awww thanks girl!! You’re so sweet!! Really appreciate your comment!! You’re the best! Hope you’re having a lovely day! 🙂 That’s okay you haven’t had Starbucks! I’m sure you’ve had plenty of yummy coffee drinks!! XOXO


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