Well, hello lovelies. I just finished a fantastic power yoga practice via Bryan Kest. This practice today was Bruce Lee inspired, which I loved. It was creative, hence truly inspiring. Although I do admit that there’s a fine line between creative inspiration and yoga hacking (i.e. transforming yoga into something completely different). Bryan Kest and his instructors are absolutely genius when it comes to inspiring me, creatively. I feel like I flowed through the essence of my body this morning, ingrained in the idea that I AM WATER.

My favorite Bruce Lee quotes:

I fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once, bruce lee quotes

Bruce Lee Quote

Bruce Lee Quotes

Be like water, bruce lee quotes, quote from bruce lee, motivational quote, inspiring quote,


I really needed this today. I needed the stillness of mind…the sanctuary of body…the openness of heart…it’s been a long week already and IT’S ONLY TUESDAY!! I know I’m just getting back to my blog and all, but um, my run mileage is getting amped up on a weekly basis, heading towards 50 now, so my legs have definitely been cursed by the soreness Gods. Haha! Not only am I running, but I’m also swimming, practicing yoga, lifting weights, and getting some cycling in on my trainer. 

I adore the idea of bending with the punches, if you will, of letting my body flow through the discomfort and loosening my grip on perfection a little. I plan on using the resistance of my body (and mind) to flow through myself a little bit better in the upcoming weeks. 




  1. collegefittie

    Hi there — I love your blog and am just getting started with mine. I am doing introductions right now but once I’m done with that it will be all about how to stay healthy in college and avoid the freshmen 15. Please check it out and follow it if you’re interested. It would mean so much!


    1. Kristin

      Omg, from the heart, thank you so so much! You’re sweet and I just followed your blog. Excited to read your posts! Looks wonderful! Thanks for the message You rock! XOXO


  2. Lauren @ ihadabiglunch

    Sometimes I wonder if you have 30+ hours in your day as opposed to the rest of us who only have 24 hahaha you just seem to do so much exercising! It’s mind-blowing! I really love the quote about being “bendable” if you will. Such a good point. We’re all struggling to figure this life thing out, so it’s important to be open to learning new things and lessons. If you’re stiff and stubborn that’ll make for a pretty unhappy life. Hoping peace comes your way!


    1. Kristin

      Hehe, that’s funny- I get up pretty early to workout and maybe get less sleep than I need (well, sometimes). 🙂 I love that quote, too- it really changed my mindset this week. Sometimes I try too hard to make things happen. I need to remind myself to let go. Yoga really helps me with that! Have a beautiful rest of the week! XOXO


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