What I LOVE:

1} Watching The Walking Dead!

2} Running 5k and half marathon races!

3} Drinking lots of orange juice!

4} Writing very very creatively!

5} Swimming like a mermaid! 

6} Starbucks!!! and…their soy mocha frappes!

7} Practicing Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga!

8} Doggy kisses and lots of ’em!

9} Maxin’ & relaxin’ at home!

10} Turnin’ frowns upside down!

11} Jamming to Cold Play! Total fave!


What I DON’T love:

1} Mean people!

2} Cycling outside…like around cars!

3} Running not in the morning!

4} Jeans that are too tight!

5} Slow internet! I mean…ugh!

6} Being rushed! Stressful! 

7} Road rage!! Like seriously? 

8} Cleaning my house! Yikes!

9} Anytime my mouth is dry!

10} Being gawked at! Eeek!

Sooo...what are your loves/hates??

Share if ya care!! xoxo

Talk to me baby!!

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