Yo, runners, what do YOU think about when you run??

Me? I think about all sorts of stuff (ha, there I go again with my award winning descriptiveness…)!

Wellll hunker down kids because boy, do I have a story for you! What started out as a lyrical frolic down a beautiful windy path this morning (i.e. singing while running, duh!), ended in an even more hilarious manner than that vision I just gave you…about frolicking and singing… and running…um, you’re welcome! Happy Friday to ya!

So Kristin (that’s me by the way) is singing her latest obsesh aaand running and not tripping… when all of a sudden…

this dude POPS out!

{Btw, it’s pretty funny to me when I think I’m crazy brill enough to invent a cool, slang word like obsesh, but then realize I’m really not that cool because it’s totally already a thing…}

Yeah, I’m running down this amazingly scenic road/path thingy when I hear a moderately soft crackle parallel to where my foot just hit the ground and BAM, like a genie from a bottle, a man steps out from the woods and says, “Well, hellooo gorgeous!”

Let me tell ya, too that the guy kiiinda said it like:

Haha, oh my gosh, I’m not even kidding you, either! On an awkward/frightful scale of 1-10, it ranks pretty high. Anyways, I quickly do this uncomfortable wave thing and then dash as any good Olympic sprinter would, ya know, chasing after that darling world record. Move over Usain Bolt, momma’s coming through! Wowzers, did I break some kind of record (for a few meters at least). Yep, like for sure!

So this casual morning frolic quickly turns into a scene from a bad bad horror movie (and no, not all horror movies are bad). I’m dashing and flashing my teeth like the emoji dude below:

On top of it, it’s pouring down rain and seriously though, what good horror movie doesn’t start with a thunderstorm, right???

I’m running and running and calming down little by little, semi forgetting about what happened earlier, getting closer and closer to my jeep (which equals run almost done) when I see the same stranger…kinda near my jeep….(insert awkward emoji from above)

Eeeek, suddenly I realize that marathoner Meb has absolutely nothing on me because I could sprint for days y’all! What’s 26.2 miles?? Hm, yeah…well, I run past my car a ways, get a cramp, and decide to stop. Oh Meb, you beat me again! When I turn around, the guy is gone!! Ha, did I overreact or WHAT? Well, maybe a little, but it made for a good story, right? Hehe!!

Tell me a funny fitness story!! Love ya, mean it!! Have a fab weekend! XOXO


    1. Kristin

      Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it & I confess, I love to run!! 🙂 I’m just coming back from an injury so I think I’ve been loving it a little bit more lately! I will definitely check out your post! I understand where you’re coming from, though- when I first started running in college, I was like um, no thanks! I get it! Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂


    1. Kristin

      Hahaha yes I’m with ya there! It’s crazy!! I love the runner life, though- funny stories galore!! Have a wonderful weekend Chelsea!! 🙂 XOXO


  1. SandyLand

    That’s a funny one!
    Usually when I’m running my main thoughts are “don’t fall” and “don’t pee”. But, when I’m running in the evening and it’s dark I’m often thinking about being safe. I mean, I live in a great classy neighborhood, not unlike New England, where the biggest crime is not picking up after your dog after it does its business, but, I am a girl and I watch too much Law & Order: SVU, so, yeah, my thoughts are often also about not getting clubbed over the head.


    1. Kristin

      Hahaha thanks so much for your comment and ohh yes, I love my SVU, too! I’m with ya, too about not wanting to get clubbed over the head…ha, yeah, there is no way that could ever turn out good. My mind loves to play tricks on me, though- when it’s dark out, I usually end up running from a tree or a bunny or something…hahaha!! You rock! Have a beautiful day!! XOXOXO


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