Saay whaaat??!!! It’s Monday, for real? Wow, how was your weekend??!! Did you do anything fun??!! I ventured a few cool places, but per usual, nothing over the top because  HELLO, I gotta half marathon in less than 3 weeks and I’m kiiinda training like a beast!! Eeek, can ya believe it??!! Less than 3 weeks! Wowzers!!! I’m kinda excited, too!!! Yaaay!!

Alright, have a fabulous Monday aaand note to you: I’m lovin’ these quotes!! Check ‘em out!! 

“Running is real and relatively simple, but it ain’t easy.” Mark Will-Weber

Um, yep, pretty much!! Isn’t it funny how the simplest of movements, for example, running or even walking (i.e. things we learn as children) can take a toll on our bodies and minds? Well, to answer my own question…YES, it is, BUT just remember this, the next time you go out for a run, walk, etc., don’t take it too personally! After all, we’re just talking about simple ways to move and exercise our bodies. To be completely honest with you, these “simple movements” can sometimes be made more difficult by our own negative reactions. Trust me, I know this first-hand! More specifically, during your next workout (maybe even today), enjoy the flow of your movements, put less emphasis on straining, and more emphasis on relaxing. The more tension you hold in your body, the less likely your body will be to respond to the workout in a positive and energetic way.

“A run begins the moment you forget you are running.” Adidas

Okay, it’s honesty time over here at Stamped With A Heart! Sooo… YEEES, I ADMIT IT, during my runs,  I CAN (meaning, not always) concentrate on the fact that I’M RUNNING!! Big shocker, right?! I mean, thinking about running while actually running?? Saaay Whaaat? Although maybe this isn’t the biggest stretch of the mind (more like a half-hearted stretch to the toes), it really should be pondered in more detail! Now, you might be looking at me with an eyebrow up or maybe even two, questioning why I’m talking about this at all. What genius thought up this quote right? Well, I think it’s pretty ingenious! The fact of the matter is, if we can’t stop our minds from lingering in a single place (i.e. the state of physically moving our bodies and running), then we’ll never be able to move past where we are and get to where we want to be (as athletes). Is this Philosophy 101 or WHAT? Haha!! Although it’s super important to be IN the moment (not lingering in the past or future), it’s also super important to NOT harp on what is (especially if your running a tough workout). Sometimes taking in nature is great medicine…letting go of the movement and letting the movement move you!


Yesterday, during my 13 mile run, I think I did a pretty good job of this (i.e. letting the movement move me)!! I hit my main set, so that was 10 of my miles, right on pace! It was a hilly course, too so yaaay for that!! I’m seriously thinking that 1:35:50 (7:18/mile average pace) is doable at Crawlin’ Crab! Here’s to hoping!!

Avg Pace
Summary 1:14:48.0 10.01 7:30
1 7:28.2 1.00 7:28
2 7:34.0 1.00 7:34
3 7:24.6 1.00 7:25
4 7:26.5 1.00 7:27
5 7:29.8 1.00 7:30
6 7:33.3 1.00 7:33
7 7:28.2 1.00 7:28
8 7:24.2 1.00 7:24
9 7:29.8 1.00 7:30
10 7:28.0 1.00 7:28
11 :01.6 0.01 4:24


Also, in exciting news, I’m running 15 miles on Sunday!! 15 miles!! This half-marathon training just got interesting!! Hehe!! Have a fun, fabulous day everyone!! XOXO!!




A very Good Morning to everyone and a warm welcome to any new followers out there!! Thanks to all my readers!! You sure know how to make a gal feel special (That’s ME, that’s ME)! Honestly, YOU really make me feel like a billion dollars with your kindness. Often times, I think back to your inspirational posts and comments and they make me smile. Watch out world, I got the coolest, sweetest, most dedicated, and loving followers in the entire world!! You’re truly special and so, SO honestly gifted, articulate writers. I’m THE luckiest girl! I mean, C’MON MAN, what more could I ask for? Um…NOTHING!!

Okay, it’s recap time!

Now, I thought I’d do something a little different today and combine (what was going to be) my Wednesday post (Husband Beware, You’re In For A Scare…Part 2) and my Friday (i.e. today) post (A Run Down Memory Lane) for a cool, multi-faceted blog called…C’MON MAN!!! Do you watch the Sunday NFL Countdown? Well, if you do, you’ll get what I’m attempting to do…well, maybe! Oh, by the way, THANKS FOR READING!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! XOXO!!

C’MON MAN ( THE PRINCE & KRISTIN EDITION)!!! Also, click on C’MON MAN to link back to past posts for a good laugh!

#10: I mean, I know Prince did this post to spread love for Make- A- Wish Foundation, but C’MON MAN!! Socks and scarves???!!!

#9: Put up your dukes…OR NOT!! Seriously, what’s up with that stance???!! Deflated blowfish, much???!!! I mean, C’MON MAN, at least pretend you can fight!!

#8: “HEED MY RULES AND LIVE, DON’T… (HAHAHAAAA) AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!!” Seriously??!!! C’MON MAN, I think someone has been hitting the coffee syrups just a liiiiitle too hard!!

#7: Okay, so I KNOW I was like really young here, but under the category, my worst qualities, I think I should have smacked bad speller right at the top!! C’MON MAN… what is “sleeping inn” some kind of special place you go to sleep really hard??!!!

#6: “I might be married to Ken and LOVE the color pink, but I’m NO Barbie!” Hahahaha, I think my tagline plus the fact that I said Stamped with a Heart was an actual city (I’M GOING TO BE ON THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF STAMPED WITH A HEART (Stop it, that IS a city!)!!!!!!!!), deserves C’MON MAN!!!

#5: Trying to carry around a ball bigger than your head (which, by the way, is pretty big) at the dog park + running into three trees (because you can’t see)…C’MON MAN!!!

#4: Literally writing a mind/body dialogue…yeah, that’s not crazy AT ALL!! Wait, it is!! C’MON MAN!!!

#3: Being all dramatic about my compliment attracting New Kids On The Block lightweight sweatshirt, but then posting a picture of Elvis Presley underneath??? Huh?? I mean, C’MON MAN, get your story straight!! Are we talking about New Kids On The Block or Elvis???

#2: Ugh, stating the fact that I LOVE Valentine’s Day NOT on Valentine’s Day, but two days before (way to rub it in) and then my husband awkwardly commenting, “How cool is that big dog!!!!” Hahahaha!!! Yep, C’MON MAN, what were YOU reading?? (Note: Marc told me he thought he was commenting about Bryan Kest’s dog the post before!!)

#1: The fact that Prince pretends to looooove doing speed work and “pumping iron”….C’MON MAN!!! I can’t even workout without you falling asleep!!




Now, you might be asking yourself or rather, posing the question back to me:

WHAT IN THE WORLD does the phrase “crazy yogi style” mean and better yet, HOW do you run like that?? Well, it’s really not that hard. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with yoga…obsessed with practicing and obsessed with its great benefits. Trust me, if I’m doing something (i.e. doing something where my body is moving), you better believe that #1, I’m doing it because I want to and #2, I’m going to reap benefits from it because first off, why do something you don’t enjoy and secondly, why NOT benefit from its offerings (i.e. take something away from what you’re doing). After all, wisdom is power!

Alright, so now that we’ve established how much I LOVE YOGA (like double DUH) and by the way, I received my yoga teacher training course schedule today and HELLO yoga heaven!! We’re talking lots of loooong yogi hours and lots of anatomy talk, but HEY, when have I EVER turned down a challenge? Not very often. I’m ready for this baby!! I’m ready to begin!! I’m filing my toenails down, stretching my muscles far, and powering through lots of fabulous, sweaty yoga workouts in anticipation of October 24th (my first day of class)!! YES!!! Aaaand just sayin’, I totally just sounded like Napoleon Dynamite (you know when I said, “YES”)! Hehe, gotta love THAT!!

Back to my main point though, I’ve been practicing yoga for many years now, but practicing yoga does not just mean “practicing yoga” (i.e. moving your body)… yoga encompasses WAY MORE than just going through the physical motions of it all! For me, practicing yoga means:

1} Finding balance between my mind and body,

2} Creating space in my body (i.e. longer muscles),

3} Increasing my stamina,

4} Improving my overall fitness level,

5} Finding time for myself (not just physical, but mental time),

6} Opening up my body (i.e. feeling fabulous and great),

7} Finding peace and serenity,

8} Improving my quality of life,

9} Learning to live in the moment (not looking behind or forward),

10} Acknowledging that I’m not seeking perfection!!!!

WOW, WHAT A LIST, RIGHT??!!! Yep, I’d say yoga is great!! Yep, I would!! Now furthering my point from above:

Let me make something clear, I’m a huge advocate for runners practicing yoga AND “practicing yoga” for the pure physical benefits of it because I know first- hand, what NOT having yoga in my life did. I don’t EVER wanna go back to THAT place. It was a painful, scary and yucky place to be!! Whether you guys know it or not (I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this issue before), I used to have horrible right IT Band pain and when I say horrible, I mean BAAAD, BAAAD pain!! It was a while back, but MAN, was it frustrating! I couldn’t run AT ALL. You see, I’m by no means a perfect, shining example of what it looks like to not get injured because I’ve had my fair share! Trust me, I have! In college, I had both knee caps pop out, two weeks apart, which landed me (both times) an ambulance ride to the hospital, a doctor popping my caps back in place (I bonded with my knee caps over screams), and crutches.

What I’m getting at here is that by now, yoga has saved my body more than once! It has lengthened me out, given me painless (injury-wise) runs, and stretched me to the point of feeling phenomenal each day, BUT it has done more than that, too!! I can tell ya, yoga has saved me from myself, my stubborn persistence to push past my limits (body-wise)! I can’t tell you how many times I tried to push through IT Band pain…seeing other runners running circles around me…wishing I could be in their place. You see despite that fact that yoga has lengthened my body and stretched my muscles to their perfect degree, yoga has still given me more than that! Yoga has instilled wisdom in me beyond what I ever knew I was even looking for as an athlete or even as a human being. Case in point:


You see, yoga has benefited my running FAAAAR more than swimming ever will (both physically and mentally) and that’s okay! I’m a firm believer (at least where MY body is concerned) that running helps my swimmer self more than swimming helps my runner self, meaning (if anything) swimming has hindered my running in the past. I know it’s kinda weird logic, but oops, here I went on another tangent…

Let’s try this again…you see, power yoga has given my body the strength to push through some pretty tough workouts!! When I say power yoga has increased my running stamina…um, I’m NOT kidding you. I attribute my calm, stable breathing to yoga…actually, I give it 100% credit! It’s definitely the reason why my run workouts flow so well!! Also, yoga has given my runner mind the ability to turn it off or on (Wow, this is quickly turning into a Vampire Diaries episode! Gotta watch it, to get it! Hehe!), meaning I’M in control of my pain, fear, uncertainty, happiness, etc. (a.k.a. my emotions) while running!! I might be going through a tough time, heck, I might even be running through a tough workout, but guess what, I’m in control of how I respond to the pain. I’M IN CONTROL OF MY RUN!! I’M IN CONTROL OF HOW I RESPOND TO FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE!! My workout might be twirling down the commode faster than I can say, HELP ME, but I’ve learned firsthand what it feels like AND looks like to respond badly. It doesn’t end well!

If you take only one piece of advice/information from my post, take this…



Oops, MY BAD…

Welcome to Friday everyone and welcome to…NOT Husband Beware, You’re In For A Scare Part 2 (Recap Husband Beware, You’re In For A Scare Part 1 here)!! Well, let’s just say, I’m gonna save Part 2 for Wednesday, September 10th, k? Just thought I’d make a note of that… in case you were pacing around, ready to yell at me for not posting it yet. Oops, MY BAD!! Mark your calendars people! Hint: Part 2 has everything to do with Prince. That poor dog…such bad luck!! Eeek, but such a cutie pie!! Could NOT live without him!!

I thought I’d switch it up today, ya know make a whole theme day out of it and talk to you guys about the oopsies of my life lately!! As I’m sure some of you guys know, I CAN be a walking oopsy sometimes, BUT what can I say?? Oh wait, I know, oops, MY BAD! Ha, sometimes all my husband can do is look at me, roll his eyes, and walk away, but HEY, I’m fine with that because after all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? Well, I think my husband has adopted the motto: If you can’t laugh at yourself, then I’ll do it for you!! Yep, he laughs at me a lot, but I do declare (Hey look, my southern self is coming out), I can totally stump his LOLing sometimes!! Hehe!! Hey guys, don’t be jealous that I’m seriously THAT talented!! It takes practice!! Remember, practice makes perfect (although…not really…don’t really think that saying is always true).

Oops, MY BAD #1: I was SO tired after baking Wednesday night (lots of trail mix bars) THAT I totally unintentionally left out a bottle of yummy, sticky honey on top of one of my new, lovely counter tops!! Little did I (a.k.a. THE Genius) know that #1, I had left anything out, and that #2, the thing I had left out was leaking. Yuck!! I had seriously packaged up the trail mix bars, thrown them in the refrigerator, and scurried upstairs to my bed because I was exhausted! Well, let’s just say, I now know some little, tiny insects that #1, don’t value their beauty sleep and that #2, LOVE honey…AHHHHH ANTS EVERYWHERE (the next morning)!! Oh boy, it was kinda gross to clean up, but I’m happy to report that my counters are back to their sparkly, fab selves!!

Oops, MY BAD #2: Wednesday, during my 9 mile hilly run (um, okay, I’m totally spotting a Wednesday pattern here…), I kinda, accidentally, and SO honestly without even thinking poured the entire bottle of water my husband had brought for us (ya know, to drink) over my head! We were doing these crazy hot, sweaty, icky hill repeats…and…I kinda went craaaazy, like total beast mode!! I finished hill repeat number 3 (with 5 to go plus the warm-down miles) aaaand snatched up the bottle and DUMP!! I seriously took a bath with it!! All I needed to complete this wet and wild shower was a freakin’ rubber ducky! I felt so bad afterwards, too, especially when my husband told me that his mouth was quite parched!! Oops, MY BAD!!

Oops, MY BAD #3: Okay, so Tuesday morning (ha, NOT Wednesday), when my husband was running (it was my day off), I decided that it’d be a GREAT idea to raid our upstairs gym!! I was convinced that bringing down lots of kettlebells and dumbbells (from upstairs) was #1, a fabulous stair workout and #2, was a genius idea because I’d DEFINITELY workout harder and more intense in front of the huge TV!! Perfect logic, right? Hehe!! Well, as it turned out, I spent WAY more time bringing the stuff down than actually working out because HELLO, have you ever tried to carry a pair of 45 pound weights downstairs in an effort to use them once you GOT downstairs? Um, I think carrying the weights down is workout enough! Boy, OH boy…my husband was NOT a happy guy post-run!! Before work, he spent the rest of his morning helping me carry everything BACK upstairs!! Oops, MY BAD!!!

Oops, MY BAD #4: Running a total of 34 miles in 4 days (I took Tuesday off)!!! Wait a second, that’s NOT bad baby, that’s allllll gooood!! WOOHOO!!! Ran 9 miles today and got 12 on Sunday!!




WELL, MAYBE!! Okay, sooo I admit, I can be just a tad bit superstitious sometimes and/or make big deals about stuff that’s silly. After all, my blogger tagline is:

Personal confessions of a twenty something drama queen.

So don’t you forget it!! Haha, kidding!! Just think… this time next year, my tagline will be different (well maybe) Eeek!! Because, HELLO, I’ll be 30! That’s crazy to say out loud!! I still can’t believe that my sister is 32 now! Yep, she just turned 32!! Wow, when did she even turn 30? It was just the other day, right?! Well, apparently not! 2 years blew past like a crazy thunderstorm and I’m left pondering where time went. Does it go and hide somewhere or what? I wish because then I’d bait it out with a piece of chocolate cake or maybe even a blueberry scone. Do you think Time likes blueberries? Hmmm…I hope because I have plenty of them in my refrigerator.

Can you believe I’ve known my husband for 10 years??!! Oh, by the way, our 4 year wedding anniversary was August 14th!! It was a great time! Remember, I was in that ahhhhh, I’m too stressed to post mode back in mid- August. Anyways! Whoa baby, I’m like totally freaking myself out now!! It has been a wild, twisty 10 year ride, but I gotta say, I love him! Honestly, I do!! We’re definitely a peanut butter and (grape) jelly kinda couple (well, peanut butter and strawberry for him). Check out why:

#1: We’re always stuck together (we do everything together),

#2: We definitely have our salty (peanut butter)/sweet (jelly) moments, but the salt is few and far between,

#3: People just can’t get enough of us!! Like yeeeeah, we’re cool, ya know, what every kid wants in their lunchbox!! Hehe!!

Yaaay!!! But back to the title (Husband Beware…)! The past two Wednesdays, excluding today (hopefully), there has been something scary happen to me. Okay, so last week I was at the dog park with Marc (my husband) and Prince (my Italian mastiff) aaaand…

Imagine this. Last Wednesday, Prince was having a blast at the park, you know, runnin’ raggid with his crew (a.k.a. pack of dogs) when all of a sudden the pack (including Prince) decides to switch directions in the middle of their play and run towards me at full speed. Well obviously, that was scary for me, but obviously they didn’t flatten me like a pancake because um, I’m here typing this post! That’s a good thing I guess! I don’t know many people that wanna be a pancake! I know I sure don’t!! Yep, SO Prince (Mr. 125 pounds) is in full sprint mode, racing his friends, ready to clobber his competition, but hint, instead of clobbering his competition, he clobbers ME! Prince is such a klutz. I mean seriously, he trips over EVERYTHING!! He’s SO much like Scooby Doo!! It’s usually kinda funny, but was less than desirable (let’s face it, I was mad) last Wednesday. He stomped on my right big toe mound so hard that I wanted to scream, kick, and cry (but I didn’t)!

I tried NOT to panic (although my big toe mound looked grossly swollen and out of place) , but then I whimpered when my husband said:

We’re going to Patient First NOW!!! I think Prince just broke your toe!!

I had to get x-rays and the whole nine yards, but as it turned out, it wasn’t broken, just severely bruised. I have to say though, it wasn’t that comforting to have the x-ray lady tell me how bad it looked… I wanted to scream, HELLO, I’m wearing a tank top that says, Run Fast!

Grrrr…Don’t scare this runner…I have a half marathon October 5th!!

To sum it up, I had to wear this uncomfortable boot for a few days (riiiight…that’s what I did…more like, run 6 miles the next day…shhhh…) and wish that Dr. Marshall, my doctor (THE MOST awesome doctor in the world), was opened 24 hours a day because as it turns out (or as my husband told me), I’m not so good with the whole injury thaaang (he didn’t say it like that). I guess I don’t like change, meaning I like to be around people that I know, trust and love, especially when I’m going through something scary.

On a happy note, I ran 9 miles today (with lots of hill work)!! Awesome!! Have a fabulous day!! Happy Wednesday!! Hehe!! XOXO!!


This was my foot the next day…











Well, a Good Afternoon to you guys and an Ouchy Wah Wah to the heat in Hampton Roads!! Yikes!! I think I melted some this morning on my 11 mile run!! It was absolutely disgusting!! So disgusting in fact that I had to make an urgent u-turn midway through my run. I seriously thought I was going to turn into a melty ice cream sandwich!! Oooohh, yum, that sounds good, though, doesn’t it??! Anyways, talk about pulling over at a gas station and…um…not being a car/truck???? Yeah, I pulled my booty over when I spotted the gas station and pumped some well water on myself!! #WaitYourTurnTrucksMommaNeedsToCoolOff!!! Watch out now, too because when I’m hot and exhausted, and especially when I beep my horn (a.k.a. yell at myself for being sooo ditzy), this girl is coming through!! Hehe!!

Hi, my name is Silliness and I LOVE (I mean LOVE) running places without taking ANY fluids with me what-SO-ever!! Like I actually thought I’d jollily run to Target and back without any water????? Nope, didn’t work out so well for me!! Oh and the whole running to Target thing…DON’T ASK!! Haha!!

Have you ever watched that 90’s show, Baby-sitters Club???? If not, don’t worry…I’ll explain!! One of the baby-sitters, Kristy, ALWAYS has these brilliant, BRILLIANT ideas that she thinks will go off without a hitch, but when it comes time for these “brilliant” plans to be executed, they usually explode in her face…yep, that’s ME!! I admit, my creativity gets the best of me sometimes! I end up venturing off like Winnie, the pooh with my heart in my head, daydreaming about these fabulous plans, but my head winds up…well, I’m not quite sure where my head ends up in this whole twisted equation, but I can assure you, it’s not where I thought it’d be!!

Why Target???? Funny story here. I thought it would be a fabulous idea to actually run to an actual destination (like Target) where:

#1- My run wouldn’t feel soooooo loooooong…where:

#2- Cars would keep my mind off of my sore legs (double speed workouts last week)…where:

#3- It would be a flat, sidewalk run…

HA, I found NONE of these things to be true and honestly, I didn’t even make it to Target!! (Insert werewolf growl) I think by mile 8, I would have rather been bitten by 2 werewolves and a vampire (think Twilight…the cute ones) than finish my run!! Well, let me put it to you this way, I wasn’t bitten by anything (there went my chance to live forever), BUT I did finish my 11 mile run!! Ohhh boy!! What a sweaty (I mean sparkly) run THAT was!!


I have to say, this summer has been filled with lots of sweat (I mean, sparkles) and running, buuuut NOT as much swimming as I would have liked. Usually during summers, I do the exact opposite (swim more, run less), which is kinda weird, but I guess when you’re training for an October half marathon (Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon October 5th) and so desperately want to PR, you gotta prioritize. I have also come to the realization THAT I don’t have to swim, run, blah, blah, blah, aaaand blah ALL at the same time to feel successful. Let’s face it, I have no intention of doing a triathlon anytime soon, so I’m off the bike (for now) and prioritizing (getting my runs done first and then swimming IF there’s energy to spare).

I still yoga lots (and am SO excited about teacher training in October)!! Yoga is my happy place!! Speaking of happy places, my homemade kale chips are about to enter their happy place (a.k.a. the dehydrator)!! I’ve been cooking so much lately, too and seriously, it’s been a blast!! I’ve been eating green, bean, and mean lately!! Woohoo!! More to come!!

Have a fabulous day everyone,