Well, a Good Afternoon to you guys and an Ouchy Wah Wah to the heat in Hampton Roads!! Yikes!! I think I melted some this morning on my 11 mile run!! It was absolutely disgusting!! So disgusting in fact that I had to make an urgent u-turn midway through my run. I seriously thought I was going to turn into a melty ice cream sandwich!! Oooohh, yum, that sounds good, though, doesn’t it??! Anyways, talk about pulling over at a gas station and…um…not being a car/truck???? Yeah, I pulled my booty over when I spotted the gas station and pumped some well water on myself!! #WaitYourTurnTrucksMommaNeedsToCoolOff!!! Watch out now, too because when I’m hot and exhausted, and especially when I beep my horn (a.k.a. yell at myself for being sooo ditzy), this girl is coming through!! Hehe!!

Hi, my name is Silliness and I LOVE (I mean LOVE) running places without taking ANY fluids with me what-SO-ever!! Like I actually thought I’d jollily run to Target and back without any water????? Nope, didn’t work out so well for me!! Oh and the whole running to Target thing…DON’T ASK!! Haha!!

Have you ever watched that 90’s show, Baby-sitters Club???? If not, don’t worry…I’ll explain!! One of the baby-sitters, Kristy, ALWAYS has these brilliant, BRILLIANT ideas that she thinks will go off without a hitch, but when it comes time for these “brilliant” plans to be executed, they usually explode in her face…yep, that’s ME!! I admit, my creativity gets the best of me sometimes! I end up venturing off like Winnie, the pooh with my heart in my head, daydreaming about these fabulous plans, but my head winds up…well, I’m not quite sure where my head ends up in this whole twisted equation, but I can assure you, it’s not where I thought it’d be!!

Why Target???? Funny story here. I thought it would be a fabulous idea to actually run to an actual destination (like Target) where:

#1- My run wouldn’t feel soooooo loooooong…where:

#2- Cars would keep my mind off of my sore legs (double speed workouts last week)…where:

#3- It would be a flat, sidewalk run…

HA, I found NONE of these things to be true and honestly, I didn’t even make it to Target!! (Insert werewolf growl) I think by mile 8, I would have rather been bitten by 2 werewolves and a vampire (think Twilight…the cute ones) than finish my run!! Well, let me put it to you this way, I wasn’t bitten by anything (there went my chance to live forever), BUT I did finish my 11 mile run!! Ohhh boy!! What a sweaty (I mean sparkly) run THAT was!!


I have to say, this summer has been filled with lots of sweat (I mean, sparkles) and running, buuuut NOT as much swimming as I would have liked. Usually during summers, I do the exact opposite (swim more, run less), which is kinda weird, but I guess when you’re training for an October half marathon (Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon October 5th) and so desperately want to PR, you gotta prioritize. I have also come to the realization THAT I don’t have to swim, run, blah, blah, blah, aaaand blah ALL at the same time to feel successful. Let’s face it, I have no intention of doing a triathlon anytime soon, so I’m off the bike (for now) and prioritizing (getting my runs done first and then swimming IF there’s energy to spare).

I still yoga lots (and am SO excited about teacher training in October)!! Yoga is my happy place!! Speaking of happy places, my homemade kale chips are about to enter their happy place (a.k.a. the dehydrator)!! I’ve been cooking so much lately, too and seriously, it’s been a blast!! I’ve been eating green, bean, and mean lately!! Woohoo!! More to come!!

Have a fabulous day everyone,




Howdy to ya and Happy Wednesday!! I’m running Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon October 5th so this week, I’m gearing back up with some longer runs (even mid week longish runs…oh my!), also focusing on hitting THAT speed! What’s THAT speed? Well, to be more specific (and also completely throwing my hopeful intentions out there), it’s my goal pace for the race. What’s my goal pace? Well, my goal time is 1:35.50 (or really anything under 1:36), so that would leave my pace around 7:18. Can I do it? I hope (and I say this with a big smile)!! Hehe!! Yep, a big, bright smile! DING! Can you see how white my teeth are? Ha, thanks! I’ve been using this new organic cinnamon stuff and it’s totally awe…well, anyways, you don’t want to hear about my new, yummy mouthwash, or do you? Next post (maybe)…

Over the past few months, I’ve realized that running hard runs has everything to do with proper nutrition. It really does. Despite your experiences with this issue, whether you eat a thousand pieces of chocolate candy before a run (ohhh yum, I love chocolate candy) or eat the most perfectly balanced diet you could ever create, that’s great!! I’m a firm believer in living your life like you want to and NOT feeling guilty for indulging in the pleasures of life, like a huge piece of chocolate cake or even a gigantic bowl of potato chips after a long, hard day. We all live our lives the best way we can and sometimes (after that looooong day), a peanut butter cupcake makes us feel waaaay better than a gigantic, steaming bowl of broccoli (with no cheese may I add). True?

I hold this truth to be, well, true.

O-K, so I definitely have been enjoying my time whipping up batches of homemade this and that, like cheesy kale chips (you see, cheese is the best), protein bars, power smoothies, vegetarian pizzas, sweet baby carrots, and much more. It’s so fun to find delicious recipes that really encompass your favorite foods and it’s additionally exciting to add your own touch to these dishes with herbs and spices. That’s my favorite! I love seasoning things! I would season myself if I could! Just kidding! 

I’ve had some great workouts lately and truly (there’s that word again), I attribute it to better nutrition. Trust me, I still treat myself to delicious pastries and more, but I find balance. Balance is key.

I love these foods:

1} Chia seeds & sunflower seeds

2} Avocados 

3} Black beans

4} Blueberries & grapes

5} Organic peanut butter & honey

6} Red peppers & cherry tomatoes 

7} Whole wheat crackers & pepper jack cheese 

8} Oatmeal & strawberries 

9} Kale & spinach 

10} Green tea (Honestly, this tea is the greatest. No sugar! All green baby!!)

What are you loving lately? What are some of your favorite foods?

Have a sweet day!! XOXO!!!




Living life. Doing what you love. Forgiveness. Sometimes the hardest thing in life to do is to forgive yourself.

You wake up late and don’t run. What? How could that happen?

You end your work day on a sour note and don’t hit the gym. Are you kidding?

You can’t find the time to swim or maybe you don’t even want to. For real?

Learn to forgive. It will save you undue frustration. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve made lots of mistakes with running and swimming. For example:

1} I didn’t commit to a race/meet like I should. This happened a lot this summer. 

2} I let fear (of competition) drive away the intensity level at which I competed. 

3} I was scared to really go for it because I didn’t want to feel displeasure. 

4} I felt awkward when I didn’t stick to a strict schedule.

These are just a few examples. There are more. I learned to forgive myself.

My main goal here is to provide you with a perspective. A perspective? Yes, a perspective about forgiveness. I think it’s extremely important to NOT value athletics over self-worth. If you don’t run an event or swim a workout you were supposed to, or even hit a goal pace, you should never feel like you’re less of a person.

Gratitude is so important:

1} Be thankful for the skills that you have.

2} Be thankful for your beautiful, athletic body and for your courageous mind. 

3} Be thankful for the time that you have to give to the things that you love.

My questions to you are:

Are you doing what you love? (My answer: YES! I love swimming, running, lifting weights, and practicing yoga!)

Are you annoyed when you don’t get a scheduled workout in? (My answer: I get frustrated when I don’t get my cardio in.}

Why do you get annoyed? (My answer: If I don’t run/swim, I feel like I’m taking a giant step back in my training.)

What’s the fun in being frustrated? {My answer: None!}

Showing yourself compassion and forgiveness is always a good idea. I highly recommend it. Perfection is definitely overrated, hence, live life doing what you love and don’t forget to smile through the turmoil. 

Have a lovely day!! XOXO!!



…WOW, I never thought getting back to a normal schedule would feel so…normal (for lack of a better word). I’m ready to amp things back up! Congratulations to me! 

Amp things back up? Yep, I’m ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Although there is still tons of time left in summer (+ many more hot runs to be had), I’m ready to let go of the past and work towards the future (more posts, more running/swimming events, more writing new books, also lots more meditation). 

Currently, I’m reading How to See YOURSELF As You Really Are by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and I have to say, it’s a great (although quite philosophical) book! I’m sucking down the words as if they were juicy oranges and I feel fabulous about what’s happening, meaning, I feel all tingly inside from the knowledge gained. After all, knowledge is power. This book is a true powerhouse: It’s jam- packed with unique meditative exercises and stuffed with step-by-step ways to live your life with more happiness. 

I truly believe that happiness starts with me: What makes me happy? What makes me sad? Sometimes these seemingly simplistic questions are not answered with just one word or one phrase (running, swimming, writing, etc.), because sometimes it takes more than just a single word to get through the stresses of life. Through further meditation, I’ve realized that:

1} I worry about things that are out of my control.

2} I stress about situations that I can’t change.

3} I over analyze why people are mean to me (for example, strangers). 

4) I get too bogged down by time. I don’t breathe enough when I’m stressed.

5} I get way too nervous before running/swimming events.

On a separate, completely random note, I’m in love with red and purple grapes!! They are SO delicious!! 

Why am I just realizing this now? Haha! I used to think I didn’t like grapes, but about a month ago, I decided to try some and voila, am completely in love with them! What a discovery, right?!

Also, today, for the first time, I made my very own kale chips!! They are so delicious!! I found the recipe on pinterest! I also found this yumminess, so say hello to my new breakfast smoothie! Hello tasty goodness! Honestly, it really does give you energy!! I highly recommend it (especially after a great sweaty workout). 

How are you? What’s new? Sending you lots of love and happiness!! XOXO!!



READY-SET-WRITE!! Okay, so I don’t really know *exactly* where I’m going with this post, but first, let me start by saying…wait, scratch that…let me not start by saying (whatever I was going to say) because duh, my professors always told me to never tell your readers what you’re going write, instead, show them (a.k.a. just write it down). Well, if my words have just left you scratching your head *like, say what?* I get it and totally do not take offense to your confusion because I’m a little on edge myself:

I’m trying to get back into my normal posting status (whatever that means) but wow, something (or someone) keeps getting in the way of this, ya know, me writing my glorious posts! Hehe, so maybe they’re not always “glorious” but I love writing them just the same and I seriously hope you enjoy reading them. If not, no worries, because I still love ya!! Yaay!! There is so much stuff I want to talk about, but yet again, something (or someone) is consuming my time (at this very moment…I’m multi-tasking), which means little blogging time for me, which means you’re sad, which means, I’m sad. Does that make sense? If not, sorry, but I don’t think I wanna try to repeat that word jumble!! Haha! 

My dog is looking at me backwards (I’m being serious! At the present moment, he is balancing on his spine with his *pitiful* eyes looking back at me and his juicy jowls (a.k.a. slobbery jowls…I was trying to be nice) flopping back towards me!) Umm…yeah, he wants me to feed him (he’s trying that pitiful act), but Hello Mr. Dog, I’m writing a brilliant post at this very moment! O-K, I’ll be back! I really need to feed the pooch! I also (kinda *really*) need to start dinner, but that’ll just have to wait because in my opinion, you guys are way more important than eating! Awww, I’m so sweet! Although, I dunno, my husband might disagree (about the dinner thing, not the sweet thing)…or maybe NOT! He’s pretty understanding! 

Side Note: We (meaning, my husband + moi) have been getting along fabulously (not that we didn’t before) and spending lots of great, quality time together this summer. That’s good, right?! We have been taking some cool road trips (which are my favorite), laughing a lot, smiling a lot, and kissing a lot (ugh, totally gross)! Sometimes, living life is the best medicine for stress (which I’ve been experiencing)! Yep, I do believe so! Living a happy life can definitely wipe away the stressy blues, when they pop up. 

Woohoo, Prince (my lovely Cane Corso) has been fed and although my stomach is growling (in anticipation of eating this glorious salad I thought up), I’m yours for the next few minutes!


{1} Hey, I forgot to tell you guys that I have pinterest now!! I know, believe me, I know, that I’m a little late in the game, having only recently jumped on the *I love pinterest* bandwagon, but I do, I really do love it! J’adore creating boards!! I’m like a kid at Christmas!! My brain is in creative overload because of all the cool ideas that keep flooding my brain (usually at the most inopportune times, like when I’m sleeping or swimming), but although it’s semi driving me crazy (tired of waking up thinking about new things to pin or swallowing chlorinated water while over-analyzing exactly how I want my board to look), what can I say, I love being creative!! It’s me!

Do you have pinterest? I’d love to follow ya!!

Live your own story

{2} Speaking of swimming, I’m back on track and swimming lots! I’ve swum 12,000 yards this week and loving it! I definitely feel like my *zest* for swimming, if you will, is back and honestly, it feels great! Heck, it feels fabulous!! I’m not done either! I should get in another 12,000 yards. Swimming has changed for me lately, but in a good way; it has been my savior. I love doing yoga, meditating, and then swimming afterwards because then, I feel very peaceful in the water. My strokes flow as in a dream. It’s lovely. 

{3} I have some running races planned for the fall. My running feels good, so no complaints here. It’s pretty warm out, but I guess that’s what summer’s all about, right?! Fun in the sun! I’m excited for fall, though!! I love running in cool, crisp air! That’s the best!

Yep, it is.

{4} Yoga Teacher Training starts in October!!! Soooo excited!!! 

Starting tonight, I’ll definitely be hitting the blogs hard (yours and mine)!! I apologize for my absence! Thanks for your continued support! You guys rock!! Have a beautiful rest of the week!! XOXO!!



For those of you that don’t know me (a.k.a. just started following my blog), welcome and for those of you that have been following me for some time now, hi (again)! As most of you guys know, I’ve been going through some summer changes (i.e. having less time to do things that I love, like blogging).

Well, my summertime coaching is coming to an end (this Saturday at our Championship meet) and I have to say…I’m very sad about it because yep, I decided (a few weeks back) that this summer will indeed be my last summer coaching. If you’re new to my blog, let me share, that this is my fourth year coaching this team. I’ve enjoyed coaching immensely and will miss my swimmers and fellow coach, Michele.

As it turns out, I’m going through more than summertime changes (in fact, I’m going through some big life decisions) and being the adult that I am, have decided that coach Kristin needs to (magically) transform herself into other titles (like being a mommy one day), hence, have decided to devote my summers to other things.

I told the kids (this past Sunday at the swim team banquet) that I’d no longer be coaching them.


The swimmers (ages 4-18) were so cute. They told me how much they didn’t want me to leave. Ohhh, I’m not good with goodbyes. I’m really not! I get so attached. 

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most difficult to explain. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found this to be true (at least in my life). 

Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, let me also make a note that in the future, although I absolutely love and cherish running, swimming, and working out, I’ll be blogging about other stuff, too (real descriptive, right?).

I’m in a new place in my life where I want to live a thoroughly healthy and happy life. I’m on a wondrous yoga streak (now doing power yoga/meditation every single day), also on a health kick, preparing my meals (and snacks) with only the best ingredients possible. I’m watching my sugar intake and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I feel a lot better. As it turned out, I was eating too much sugar and putting way too much emphasis on drinking coffee and caffeine supplements to keep my body going this summer. My body started feeling really bad.

A few days before Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run, my body gave out (from too much sugar, caffeine, and not enough sleep) and sadly, I was unable to compete in the race. I trained for this race all summer long…all those tough brick workouts…


The biggest lesson that I can share with you guys is listen to your body. Your body will not lead you astray. Your body is your teacher so listen wholeheartedly. 

If I could describe my summer in only a single word, that word would be inelegant.  

If I could describe my summer in a single quote, that quote would be:

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” Russell Baker

Welcome to my life!! XOXO!!